Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Estevan Oriol Re-stock at The Last Laugh

We've just received some re-stocked some of my newer designs. For all those who slept on them, don't miss out the second time around.

Back in stock...

Men's T-shirts (S-4XL):
Banana, Torcido, Sideshow, Protect, Fuck Authority, LA All Day, Perros, Boxing Bag, Crime, Shotgun.

Men's Zip-up Hoodies (S-3XL): LA Round 2 Hoodie, Lost Angel Hoodie.

To order now, click here or come down to The Last Laugh Store 129 E.
6th Street LA, CA 90014 (213) 488-0313

**NEW LAST LAUGH EXCLUSIVE Re-prints of the Men's LA Hands and West Coast on black Pro-Club's will be here in a couple weeks**


Anonymous said...

You are so amazingly talented!

Anonymous said...

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