Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Directors-Cut of the MINI Doc with Danny Trejo by Estevan Oriol

Directors-Cut of the MINI Doc with Danny Trejo from Estevan Oriol on Vimeo.

SA Studios was commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox to produce a series of viral videos promoting the film "Machete" starring Danny Trejo. Estevan Oriol directs this second lifestyle video in the series, revisiting Danny Trejo's neighborhood where he grew up and interacting with fans at car shows in East LA.


Gorilla Auto Body said...


Stacy Leigh said...

You're such a marvel E!

You were always very creative and visual. Over a decade, and I am STILL a fan of yours.


Stan said...

I've Been a fan of your work since I saw you in XXL and your "West Coast" t shirt.

I love your B&W style, and it translates very well into video. I had to write about this on my own blog.

Keep doing big things!