Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NEW Everlast Video "Little Miss America" directed by Estevan Oriol

Check out this new Everlast music video I directed for his song "Little Miss America". It made the front page of Yahoo Music, no big deal. Keep tuned for the next one coming soon!

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Dotmo said...

Just a line in passing, at last and despite having followed your work, (lack of a better word) "progression", and blog for a long minute now, to congratulate you on the video and (deserved) big media exposure. Your entry cracked me up btw; certainly appreciate your dry sense of humor too (to this day, I consider that "pile of stuff" story you told about people coming through your office to be a classic). In any case, it's great to see you still making dope moves and to stay as relevant as ever. Hope this finds you well, enjoying that week, and productive as usual, yours sincerely, D-