Sunday, October 05, 2008

EO on The Citrus Report

A quick 11 question interview on

Estevan Oriol not only opened a new store in Downtown Los Angeles this year, The Last Laugh, right next door to Upper Playground LA, but he has continued to develop his namesake line for UP as well as continue to take some of the most striking, if not famous, street and commercial photographs today. We ask him 11 questions, he answers 10, and we are on our way.

1) Who was nicer, Pacino or de Niro?

They were both cool but very different.

2) In South Africa, you learned what?

We got it good in the US.

3) The best thing you did in 2008 was?

Got married, honeymoon, and relax.

4) How many days a week do you shoot photos?

I try to shoot something every single day.

5) Do you have tattoos from other artists besides Cartoon?

6) The Last Laugh store is . . . .?

New and fresh and on Los Angeles and 6th.

7) Black and white or color photography?

Black and white.

8) Lakers or Clippers, Dodgers or Angels?


9) Los Angeles is . . .

My favorite city.

10) Best place to eat at 4AM in Southern California?

In my bed dreaming.

11) If you had to watch Scarface or Goodfellas, you would pick?


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