Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jon Krashna bike

Jon Krashna’s bike
Words by Mister Cartoon
Baggers used to be for old bags. All that is changing though, around 10 years ago the homies started to get a Harley bagger which is traditionally a touring bike generally known and used by old timers traveling cross country. It started when gang members from south central said to themselves, “Damn! We can fit amplifiers and woofers inside of those bags,” slamming the bikes to the ground. Adding candy paint jobs and big rims on to the bikes changed the whole attitude of these bikes and gave them a new direction. Take Jon Krashna for instance, an all around good guy and a consistent tattoo customer of mine, Jon is well known for having models around him and having this bike will only make things worse !! This is Jon’s second Harley. He got his feet wet with the heritage soft tail and stepped it up with this 07 street glide, wanting to stand out he hit me up for candy murals. His only direction for the murals was, “Let me know when your done.” I looked at the bike and saw that it was candy apple red so the only thing that came to my mind was a dirty slutty scum bag she devil from hell. After the front faring mural was complete we took it to big Gs auto body from the west side, cleared and polished the freshly cleared faring the bike was then off to Danny D in Baldwin park for the gold and silver leaf combo set. The paint was now finished, it was time to put in the Arnott air bag suspension to lower the bike, the 21 inch rim on the front keeps it young and the Reinhart pipes with race tuner and the alpine sound system lets all the amateurs know to stay out of the way. The seat was done with the baseball stitch and hand sown by top stitch in Montebello. My advice to you readers out there, refinance your house, or sell your kids, do something to get your self a street glide. Jon Krashna the owner of the sick bagger wants to say a big thanks to Gio, long hair Dave, and Estevan for helping to make this bike an LA classic.

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