Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Estevan Oriol’s LA Woman on yuhmm.com

Estevan Oriol’s LA Woman-YUHMM.COM
Whether it’s capturing L.A.’s mean streets or Hollywood’s elite, Estevan Oriol does it with ease. The L.A. icon graciously finds the time between juggling his clothing line, his new store Last Laugh, and dreaming up movie concepts with super-producer Brian Grazer to talk about his 2009 calendar, L.A. Woman.

photo by Willie T.
Tell us the concept behind L.A. Woman.
I’ve always shot women, but it wasn’t until the last few years that I started putting those photos out there and getting recognized for them. I did a group show called L.A. Woman a couple years ago in LA at the Lab 101 Gallery with photographers Greg Bojorquez, Patrick Hoelck, Tony Ward, and artist Mr. Cartoon that went real good for us. I decided to take my collection of girls I had archived forward to do the L.A. Woman calendar and a soon to be coffee table book published through Drago Publishing in Italy.

Describe the selection process of the models used for the calendar and what unique characteristics define an L.A. Woman?
Most of the woman I had shot before I had thought of doing the art show or the calendar. They just caught my eye. I had a lot of female photos in my archives. There are a lot of beautiful woman out there, but they are not sexy to me, so for my personal shoots, the women have to be sexy. I like the ethnic exotic look. I guess that’s what you’d call it. All of the woman in the calendar were shot in L.A.

“for my personal shoots, the women have to be sexy. I like the ethnic exotic look.”

Does your approach vary when shooting females in a more structured and stylized environment than capturing candid street photography?
I approach it all the same. That way it’s consistent with my style. I think if I approached it differently, it would have a different style so I go about all my shoots the same way.

When it comes to erotic photography, are there any photographers that you look to for inspiration?
No, but there are other photographers I like. I really enjoy looking at ARAKI’s work, but he does his and I do mine. Also, my friend Yone in Japan is doing it real good right now with the Polaroids and the girls. To me it’s the taste in woman in the photos as well. I see a lot of great photos but with the wrong people in them. That’s just my opinion and you know what the say about opinions. Marc Baptiste has good taste too.

Tell us what’s ahead for Estevan Oriol in 09.
The release of L.A. Woman the book, the L.A. Tattoo culture book release, and more jokerbrand.com and Estevanoriol.com designs to come. Hopefully a movie, but Hollywood is crazy. A gang of photo shoots, videos shoots con el Willie T, music videos, our store Last Laugh, c.d. covers, etc… I’m not slowing down at all, I’m in my prime. I feel like I’m just getting started. Thanks Yuhmm for the interview and supporting our movement.

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