Wednesday, February 04, 2009

new prints -limited edition only 30 made

Paperworks Laboratories is proud to present "L.A. Angel Baby" a limited edition fine art print by legendary Los Angeles photographer Estevan Oriol. This 30x22 inch 3 color hand pulled print comes in a very limited edition of 30 pieces. Estevan is a Los Angeles based photographer whos career has covered shooting photographs of his neighborhood homies, Hollywood celebrities and hip hop stars. His raw style has led him to photographing everyone from Forest Whittaker and Dennis Hopper to Eminem and Mena Suvari. All of this has made Estevan one of the most successful and sought after photographers in the world.

3 Color Screenprint,
Black, Clear, and Metallic Silver
Printed on Stonehenge 250gsm 100% Cotton archival paper.
Dimensions: 30x22 Inches.

Edition of 30
Signed, numbered, and embossed
by the artist
$300 + S&H 


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Hard Pressed Studios Publishing said...

Beautiful print! (If I do say so myself.)