Thursday, August 16, 2007


this summer has been crazy,i got 2 books on the streets
1.east of havana-see .about cuban hip hop
1979 project i did on street basketball you'll see it soon.
my homie died, some drunk bitch ran him over on the 101 on while riding risky's bike.
been going to car shows.
released the second edition of the lost angel toy.
guest editored our issue for frank 151 on the streets now
went to jamaica for the marleys to shoot their frank 151.
seventh letter flew me to barcelona,spain for 11 days to document them,
getting ready for the next peterson automotive event
getting jokerbrand and estevan oriol lines ready for the magic
shit, i cant remeber it all
fuck it ,i'm just staying out the way for now.heres some more shit i been doing