Friday, October 31, 2008

Roland Sands 'Architects of Inspiration'

The homie Roland Sands will being throwing down his own interpretation of the Toyota Tundra. Check out the unique collabo at a show near you.

New Estevan Oriol Fall 08' designs available now

The new Estevan Oriol tees and hoodies are now available here at the Last Laugh. We have 2 new hoodies, the classic LA Round 2 and Lost Angel - 5 new tee graphics, Fuck Authority, Banana, Perros, Shotgun and Boxing Bag. All of these will be for sale on the webstore next week. Get them soon before they're gone.

Last Laugh
129 E 6th St
LA CA 90014

Thursday, October 30, 2008

ACCLAIM x Estevan Oriol sneak peek

Below is the first peek at the ACCLAIM x Estevan Oriol collector kits which will be making their public debut at Sydney's premier sneaker spot Espionage on Oxford St tonight from 6.30pm. Unfortunately due to a manufacturing fault the collector boxes will not be available tonight so we will be showing the tees and hard-cover mags and taking orders for the kits which will be available for pickup next week or can be mailed out directly. We're hoping to have the boxes for the Melbourne launch tomorrow night. We have been receiving an overwhelming number of enquiries about the Collector Kits and due to overseas orders we have had to limit the total quantity for Australia to 75 units so we advise anyone who wants to secure a kit to get in early and place an order at the Sydney launch tonight or tomorrow at Heist Store in Melbourne.

Warren Sapp x Estevan Oriol

Warren Sapp used to be a defensive tackle for the Oakland Raiders. Now he's retired and he dances the rhumba on Dancing With The Stars on NBC. Some people might say that Dancing With the Stars is damaging to your street cred, but you know what Warren Sapp does to make sure there's no damage? He rocks an Estevan Oriol shirt during the show when he gets interviewed about his rhumba techinque.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


EO's New 2008 Fall/Winter Collection

These styles and more should hit the store any day. Stay tuned.

Roland Sands photo shoot

photos by Eriberto Oriol

Jon Krashna bike

Jon Krashna’s bike
Words by Mister Cartoon
Baggers used to be for old bags. All that is changing though, around 10 years ago the homies started to get a Harley bagger which is traditionally a touring bike generally known and used by old timers traveling cross country. It started when gang members from south central said to themselves, “Damn! We can fit amplifiers and woofers inside of those bags,” slamming the bikes to the ground. Adding candy paint jobs and big rims on to the bikes changed the whole attitude of these bikes and gave them a new direction. Take Jon Krashna for instance, an all around good guy and a consistent tattoo customer of mine, Jon is well known for having models around him and having this bike will only make things worse !! This is Jon’s second Harley. He got his feet wet with the heritage soft tail and stepped it up with this 07 street glide, wanting to stand out he hit me up for candy murals. His only direction for the murals was, “Let me know when your done.” I looked at the bike and saw that it was candy apple red so the only thing that came to my mind was a dirty slutty scum bag she devil from hell. After the front faring mural was complete we took it to big Gs auto body from the west side, cleared and polished the freshly cleared faring the bike was then off to Danny D in Baldwin park for the gold and silver leaf combo set. The paint was now finished, it was time to put in the Arnott air bag suspension to lower the bike, the 21 inch rim on the front keeps it young and the Reinhart pipes with race tuner and the alpine sound system lets all the amateurs know to stay out of the way. The seat was done with the baseball stitch and hand sown by top stitch in Montebello. My advice to you readers out there, refinance your house, or sell your kids, do something to get your self a street glide. Jon Krashna the owner of the sick bagger wants to say a big thanks to Gio, long hair Dave, and Estevan for helping to make this bike an LA classic.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

EO featured in the Japanese Sreet Bikers' magazine

Check out EO's work that's been featured regularly in the Japanese Street Bikers' magazine.

Stussy Neighborhood Bonyeards collection featured in i-D magazine

Check out the new issue of i-D Magazine

BONEYARDS, Nike x Stussy x Neighborhood

Shinsuke Takazawa
Creative Director, Neighborhood

Paul Mittleman
Creatve Director, Stussy

Rob Abeyta, Jr.
Art Director, Stussy

Photography by Estevan Oriol

EO 2009 LA Woman Calendar video

You can get your autographed calendar here at The Last Laugh or on

Sunday, October 05, 2008

EO's work featured on the cover of Acclaim Magazine

The new Acclaim Magazine issue #14 features some of EO's
latest work.

EO on The Citrus Report

A quick 11 question interview on

Estevan Oriol not only opened a new store in Downtown Los Angeles this year, The Last Laugh, right next door to Upper Playground LA, but he has continued to develop his namesake line for UP as well as continue to take some of the most striking, if not famous, street and commercial photographs today. We ask him 11 questions, he answers 10, and we are on our way.

1) Who was nicer, Pacino or de Niro?

They were both cool but very different.

2) In South Africa, you learned what?

We got it good in the US.

3) The best thing you did in 2008 was?

Got married, honeymoon, and relax.

4) How many days a week do you shoot photos?

I try to shoot something every single day.

5) Do you have tattoos from other artists besides Cartoon?

6) The Last Laugh store is . . . .?

New and fresh and on Los Angeles and 6th.

7) Black and white or color photography?

Black and white.

8) Lakers or Clippers, Dodgers or Angels?


9) Los Angeles is . . .

My favorite city.

10) Best place to eat at 4AM in Southern California?

In my bed dreaming.

11) If you had to watch Scarface or Goodfellas, you would pick?


Righteous Kill @ The Last Laugh by Hunter/SA Studios

SA Studios on Pacino and De Niro by Hunter/SA Studios on

Getting Al Pacino and Robert Deniro together in a film is like getting Cartoon and Estevan together on a project: A guaranteed success story. This is the Righteous Kill poster story. After the first meeting with Overture Films we knew something great could come out of this project, and they seemed as excited about getting the SA Studios team involved in the film’s marketing and design as they did about its lead character’s involvement. After the business wrangling from our business team, Estevan had the “unfortunate job” (joking), of shooting Al and Bobby, as he likes to call them.

A year ago if you asked Estevan his ambitions within photography, this would have been top of the list. Cartoon and I went to Vegas to hold things down at the Magic clothing convention while Estevan, for the first time in 12 years, missed the show and stayed behind.

Estevan arrived on set and waited for his chance to shoot the guys. Two days went by as Estevan patiently waited for his moment. Our trip in Vegas was drawing to a close and the initial boastful remarks regarding Estevan’s absence. (“He is shooting a couple of actors,” Cartoon would say. “You know, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.”) By the end we were getting nervous as Estevan’s text messages were getting more and more frustrated about the shoot. Estevan patiently waited for the opportunity, and after another 8 hour day of waiting on set, Estevan went outside of the studio and started debating whether it would ever happen and should he stay or should he go? Then all of a sudden the fire door burst open and out walked Al and Bobby. “Right we are ready for the shot,” Bobby says. Estevan had 5 minutes to get the shot; his first choice of camera being the trust worthy Canon AE1 that froze in aura of the two actors, leaving Estevan in a predicament. He went for his backup camera, the Pentax 6*7 and fired the shutter 14 times before his time with the guys was over.

Below you can see the product of those 5 minutes of Estevan’s shooting, a logo created by Cartoon, and a project artistically put together by Patrick Martinez.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Estevan & Cartoon in the Source

Let’s Ride: Mr. Cartoon and Estevan Oriol

Just when you were starting to think that Mr. Cartoon was m.i.a., there he goes popping back on the scene again. Last we heard, the graph god was opening up a chain of retail shops throughout Cali with his SA Studios partner Estevan Oriol.

Called The Last Laugh, the stores sell everything from gothic tees to classic prints, designed and photographed by the two. Yet aside from the shops and the sick posters they designed for Righteous Kill–the first Bobby Deniro/Al Pacino flick since 1995’s Heat– Cartoon and Oriol are pairing up for their first 2008 exhibit at the Mesa Arts Center in Arizona.

Low and Slow will feature the works of several artists on Low Rider culture including photos, paintings, a panel discussion (featuring Cartoon and Oriol), a makeshift tattoo parlor and a low rider car show. The free show opens on September 12th, at 7pm and is open to the public.

Here is the direct link.

Friday, October 03, 2008


the day lil chris R.I.P died i was coming home from seattle after my calendar signing at the upperplayground store.i arrived in burbank and got the bad news when i landed .i felt so fucked up over the plane crash news and didn't really feel like doing anything,but it was an opportunity i couldn't pass up and i already gave my word ,so here's how it went.