Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Girl at a carshow in the 90's

Saw this girl in the mid 90's at a car show and I asked her what happened to her stomach, she said she got shot a few days ago - it went in her stomach and came out the back!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Ward of the State: Tony Ward

"Ward of the State: Tony Ward artists' Muse" 11" x 14" limited edition book of only 99 copies w/ custom straight jacket only 50 produced. Artworks by Robert Standish, Herb Ritts, Patrick Hoelck ,Estevan Oriol, Paul Rusconi, RETNA Patrick Martinez, Michael Michaud , Jules 
Muck , Greg Gorman, Maya Mercer, Ray Turner, Rick Castro, Bruce Weber, Steven Klein, Christoph Schmidberger, and Tony Ward.
Essays by Peter Frank and Michael Michaud. reg. price 180.00 ...fb friend discount 150.00.

Tim Westwood - Bun B freestyle 1Xtra-shouts out the homies GUMBALL 3000